Breech Pregnancy Case Study

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Spear and Alcantara authored a case study discussing a mother at 35 weeks who came in with right hip pain and her baby in a frank breech presentation.  Her previous birth sounds like it was pretty tough; the baby was born at 37 weeks, her OB ruptured the membranes, she was given pitocin to instigate contractions and an epidural for pain, and the baby came out OP (or “sunny side up”).  Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t much evidence that epidurals help a mom with an OP baby “relax” the baby into a better position.  OP deliveries are difficult- they tend to make labor longer and when epidurals are involved OP babies tend to stay that way.  I’m sure the mom in this case was thinking “Here we go again…”

Generally in the chiropractic literature and in my clinical experience with the Webster Technique it seems that most babies in a transverse or breech position will go head down between 3-8 visits.  I had a case last week, a mother of 6 with a baby that seemed to be all over the place, that went from breech when we started to confirmed head down by the midwife after 4 visits.  The chiropractor in this case report wrote the mom felt her baby went vertex after the first adjustment.  This was confirmed after 2 more visits, and she delivered her baby vaginally.  I’m still waiting on mine to birth, her estimated date is next week.

The Chiropractic Care of a Pregnant Patient Presenting with a Breech Pregnancy