{Patient Testimonial} Cape Coral Chiropractor for Infants

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The below testimonial comes from a patient that I have had for almost three years. It has been amazing seeing her daughter grow over the years and I look forward to adjusting her next child as well.


I can’t even begin to count the ways Mama’s chiropractic has changed my family’s life.:

My now 3 year old has been seeing Doc John since she was a few months old. I had a very dificult delivery with her as she was very stuck. Her head was always a little tilted from birth, so I started trying a chiropractor. The first one I tried used a little device on her and charged me for every visit and wanted to see her twice a week. It was just too expensive and I wasn’t noticing a difference.

That’s when I found out about Mama’s Chiropractic and their monthly fee. It was perfect and after the first few adjustments I noticed a big improvement. She started nursing better and it wasn’t hurting as much when she did. She would down right refuse the right side most times before we started with him.We have been seeing him regularly ever since and he is always so great at explaining what he is doing and what it affects.

Her immune system is great and I know it is because all of her pathways are firing correctly and there is no blockages. It’s all from being adjusted regularly. She started school full time at 10 months and has never been to the doctor for a sick visit ever. If she starts with a runny nose I take her in and its gone with in a couple days.

I also love all the natural remedies I have received from his office. His mother makes fever socks. They are wool socks that go over wet cotton socks [after a warm bath] and they really work instantly to bring down a fever.

The Pathways to Family Wellness Magazines that they give every month are the only magazines I read. There are amazing articles, I wish I could share them with the world!

Thank you Mama’s Chiropractic for everything you do.

P.S. My last pregnancy my sciatica pain was so bad I couldn’t even walk some mornings. This pregnancy I have been getting adjusted regularly and have had very mild cases twice that are gone as soon as I get adjusted. :}