{Patient Testimonial} Cape Coral Pregnancy & Children’s Chiropractor

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I started going to Mama’s when I was 3 or 4 months pregnant with my second child and my son was about 1 year old. What a difference it made on my entire life. 

Xavier, my son, always had a bad temperament towards me, I thought my 1 year old hated me. Turns out, his body was not communicating with itself well enough for him to be happy with me! After going to Mama’s i noticed a complete turn around. He was so much happier. He hated swinging, dancing, spinning, everything toddlers are supposed to do because it was a sensory overload for him and I had NO idea. He was experiencing new things that maybe he never would have it we hadn’t found Chiropractic care. 

As for me and my pregnancy, I don’t know how I did my first without his care. My first pregnancy (Labor/delivery) was awful, painful, drug out by medication and me having to lay still in the bed being heavily medicated because my body wasn’t communicating. With my second pregnancy my back pain was constant neck pain as well, Doc was able to show me exercises to do at home to keep my body in line and get ready for labor/delivery. My first labor was 14 hours, my second was MAYBE 2. Lets just say I didn’t make it into the delivery room before my beautiful daughter was with us. Not only was it quick but it was less stressful on my body and I still had energy afterwards.

We got our daughter adjusted at 2 days old. Doc was able to help her with proper latch (Several times!!) and help us learn things to keep her healthy and her body functioning properly! She was getting constipated often and was so “stuck” and every time we brought her to Doc it was like Magic.

Doc Edwards passion for wellness healthy living, and educating the community does not go undetected. He is down right AMAZING (if there was a better word to describe him I would use it). 

If you have ever thought about Chiropractic care for prenatal care, post-natal care or pediatric care you will not be disappointed!