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Colicky baby starts pooping

Posted By on May 22, 2016

“Breastfed babies use all of their mom’s milk, so they don’t poop as much.”  It’s one of the most well-intentioned myths I think we tell mothers.  This was likely started to assure breastfeeding moms that they were on the right track, but it really doesn’t pass the common sense test.  YES, breastmilk is as perfect as a food as it gets for babies.  But all of the breastfed babies in my office that...

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A large portion of the infant patients that I adjust come to me because of reflux, colic or suspected food sensitivities. These moms have either tried every natural remedy they can think of or have trusted their pediatrician, who has diagnosed their little one with reflux and prescribed them Zantac to fix the symptom. When you’re a family that embraces proactive health, giving your children prescription medication can be a tough pill...

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