The $99 Monthly Chiropractic Care Plan

The $99 Monthly Chiropractic Care Plan

Explanation and Comparison of Discounts and Plans

While most offices run on a fee-for-service basis, our practice functions on a different model that makes payments fair and affordable for families and rewards them for being proactive with their health.

The concept is pretty simple: Our usual fees are $65 per visit, but through our discount program most of our patients actually pay less for a year of care than they would if we were in their insurance network.

Children and non-pregnant adults begin care at Mama’s Chiropractic at $215/mo for unlimited care their first 90 days.  The only pre-requisite to this program is attendance at one of two Wellness Orientation Workshops within the first month of care.  Additional immediate family members may join the program for $105/mo at any time.

We see our patients more frequently the first 90 days to get their nerve systems up and running. We know that when patients continue their care after the initial 90 days they’re less likely to have flare-ups. Upon demonstrating stability and improvement at the progressive re-examination, patients transition to the $99/mo program for maintenance. We typically see these patients every two weeks with the understanding that if they need a booster, they’ll be covered without any extra cost.

During pregnancy we see our moms more frequently before and after the due date. So for expecting mothers, Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic offers a special program that includes unlimited visits until 90 days after baby’s arrival for $165/mo. Again, newborns may be added for $105/mo. At the completion of the program, these mothers and babies will then be invited to participate in the Family Maintenance Program.

We also encourage families to start care together by offering a discount for immediate family members that are added to the program while a patient is under care.

Service Amount
New Patient Consult & Exam
Single Adjustment or Emergency Visit Outside Office Hours $65
Existing Patient Progressive Re-Examination  $50
Food Sensitivity Testing (Current Patients) $60
Food Sensitivity Testing (Non-Patients) $90
Established Patient Exam (Patient absence of longer than a 6 months
or new major trauma requiring re-evaluation)
Initial Discount Programs of Care 1 
Individual Discount Program of Care $215 per month
Pregnancy Discount Program of Care 2  $165 per month
Additional Family Members  $105 per month
Initial Discount Program Graduates are Eligible for the Following Maintenance Plans 3:  
 Unlimited Individual Chiropractic Maintenance Program  $99 per month
 Unlimited Two Person Family Maintenance Program  $195 per month
 Unlimited Three Person Family Maintenance Program  $295 per month
 Unlimited Four + Person Family Maintenance Program  $325 per month

1. Exams, Re-exams, and Food Sensitivity Testing are not included in the auto-debit amounts.
2. Pregnancy program has no minimum length of care, although rate continues for 3 payments of $165 post partum.  You can expect a progressive examination 2 weeks before birth, the first visit post partum, and 90 days post partum. 

3. Maintenance programs may be suspended for up to 1 month annually without penalty.  Patients who return to care between 1 and 6 months after suspension will require a progressive re-examination and will resume at the Initial Rate for 1 month before resuming the Maintenance Program.