The Worst Thing to Happen to the Chiropractic Profession

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Maybe I’m an elitist.  I think the worst thing that has happened to my profession is that it helped low back pain.  It was the low hanging fruit of research, the thing our profession could point to and ask third party payers to reimburse us because what we did worked.  The truth is that chiropractic has nothing to do with helping back pain; it’s almost a happy side effect of restoring balance in the body.  But if you pick up any given ad for a chiropractic clinic what do you see?  “Neck Pain!  Back Pain! Headaches! Whiplash!”  No wonder people look at me funny when I say 90% of my practice is pregnant or nursing moms and kids under 4.

I think the OBs I work with accept that I’m helping their patients with back and pelvic pain, because that’s who they refer my way.  The local lactation consultants and pediatric dentists have seen stronger latches after the mom or baby are adjusted.  I’m slowly starting to see a larger percentage of moms come in that are asking me for wellness care either for their pregnancy or their kids.  Those people come in on Day One and “get” it.  I see golden light and hear angels sing when those people walk into my office.  You want to see a chiropractor get all tingly inside?  Say “I’m here for wellness.”  It’s taken me several years of doing talks locally, holding Pathways meetings and sharing the chiropractic story on Facebook to start hitting this point in my community.  I finally figured out I can harness the power of the internet to teach people what I really do.  I decided to answer the questions I eventually never want to hear again:

  • Why do a lot of chiropractors seem so anti-drug, anti-vaccine, and anti-medicine?
  • My kid fell off the couch an hour ago but he’s not crying anymore.  He’s okay, right?
  • Is there a problem if I still breastfeed/co-sleep/wear my baby into toddler-hood?
  • Where are all these messed up kids coming from?
  • Why would you let a chiropractor crack your baby’s neck?

I present a Journey to Truth Island.  Enjoy!