From Pregnancy to Family Wellness

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It usually starts out like this:  An expecting mother walks into our office, referred by her friends, her searches online, or her birth provider, to help with a symptom she’s developed during the pregnancy.  She develops a relationship with our office and understands the benefit of chiropractic so well that she wants her baby under care.  We’re now about six months to a year into working with one another, and Dad usually starts wondering if we adjust men, too.

There has to be more going on here than “Chiropractic helped my back pain.”  This is our focus on family wellness.  One mom named Jessi L. offered to share her experience.

I can’t even begin to put into words how I feel about Doc Edwards. He feels more like family at this point. He goes above and beyond any doctor I’ve ever seen. He’s always willing to listen and he is very dedicated to his patients. It’s been about 3 years now as a patient and I’ve never walked out of the office disappointed. I always leave feeling relieved and uplifted. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a new look on healthcare.

I have been a patient at Mama’s Chiropractic for:    > 3 years

When you think about the way your family sees the world, sometimes it leaves parents feeling like outsiders.  They like the idea of cloth diapering.  Rather than “baby-proofing,” they commit to making their home a safe environment for everyone, not just convenient for the adults.  If you extend the premise that life is intelligent and that there’s a clear benefit to living in harmony with nature into the way your family utilizes healthcare, consider Jessi’s words.

He feels more like family…

I always leave feeling relieved and uplifted.

People don’t choose to continue chiropractic care for 3 years to treat a symptom.  They do so because there’s a clear benefit to improving their way of life.