Infant Chiropractor Cape Coral

Infant Chiropractor Cape Coral

Fostering Infant Development with Pediatric Chiropractic Care

After almost a year of wiring and growing cells together, your baby has entered the world. Did you ever think about how that whole process happens? What tells the legs and arms to grow evenly? How does the body know where to put the liver?

How does the gut know which way to move food?

From the time your baby was a tiny ball of cells rapidly dividing, the very first part to form was a tiny streak in that cluster and the cells around it started tumbling in to make a tube. That tube grew to become your baby’s spinal cord and brain. Shortly afterwards everything started branching off the tube like buds from a tree.

The nerve system gave instructions to every single cell it was connected to and told it what to be- heart, lungs, skin, eyes. The impulses of how to grow and function were sent from the growing brain, and the feedback about whether or not a body part needed to change in order to adapt to the environment outside of mom were returned to the brain. This process of instruction and adaptation, of growth and communication, was how your baby went from a half cell of yours and a half cell of your partner’s to the baby you see right now.

Troubleshooting newborn difficulties: colic, reflux and more…

Here’s the question you should be asking about colic, reflux, latching issues, sleeping problems, and rashes: What happened? Why are these parts, which were so expertly made over nine months, suddenly falling down on the job? In most cases the answer is ridiculously simple- because the brain and body aren’t clearly communicating. The bones of our skeleton have two important jobs: to protect the body and help the body move. Your baby’s spine is like Goldilocks’ preferred bed in The Three Little Bears- not too firm, not too flexible, but just right. Part of the deal with this compromise between strength and movement means that sometimes the house gets out of order. Between birth, sleep position, gravity and diaper changes, bones get a little out of place, muscles tighten and soft tissues swell. Since the nerves are housed in this system, that shuffling causes static in the channel as the brain tries tells the body what to do. That’s where pediatric chiropractic care comes in.  Infant chiropractic care is safe, proven, and effective.

Every week between forty and fifty children under the age of 3 receive chiropractic adjustments at Mama’s Chiropractic. That means in the last year alone, over 2000 times a parent like you has walked through our doors to put their newborn or toddler on our table to help with their baby’s health. They’ll tell you that chiropractic for young children looks nothing like an adult adjustment. It’s safe, gentle, and more importantly works to keep the master nerve system free and clear from the interference we call a subluxation. They’ll tell you their children are healthier, hit their milestones like crawling and toileting earlier, and seem to be happier babies. Newborns tend to eat more, sleep more, or go to the bathroom more when they start chiropractic care.

Why continue care once the problem goes away?infant chiropractor fort myers Home

Let’s put it this way: which would you rather have: Your baby’s immune system talking to the brain about the outside world freely and clearly, or one with bad “cell” reception? The fact is that gravity still happens (They call them “toddlers” for a reason!). Chemical stress taken into the body happens. Emotional stress from separation happens. Science shows us that all of these cause a change in tone to the nerve system. But more importantly, growth happens. Physical growth certainly happens in the first three years, but so do mental, emotional, social relationships, environmental awareness, and consciousness during this time. These individual aspects of your child’s wellbeing have windows for development.

It makes sense to the hundreds of parents who have brought their newborns to Mama’s Chiropractic to make sure their children’s nerve systems are functioning in a state of clarity. To say it simply, they want their babies able to deal with these growth challenges with “good nerve energy” rather than bad. Laying this foundation properly is critical for the next phase of their child’s development.