Pediatric Chiropractor Cape Coral

Pediatric Chiropractor Cape Coral

A Proactive Parenting Shift: Chiropractic Care for Preschoolers

How in the world did children get so sick? You might have graduated high school with one or two children on the autism spectrum, but what you’ve witnessed at your child’s daycare has to be more than just a case of under-diagnosis, right? If you think back to when you were a kid, do you ever remember going to a birthday party where most of the children ate from one cake, and the birthday girl had to have her own gluten-free one? Why are your friends’ kids getting all these strange rashes? And why does your pediatrician, the same person who tried to give you adult reflux medicine for your child’s spitting up and antibiotics for what turned out to be teething, keep pushing shots that you didn’t need as a kid?

The health landscape is very different from what it was a generation ago. It might as well be Mars compared to the environment your parents grew up in. It’s not your imagination- Our children are sicker. You don’t really know what to do to make sure your child doesn’t end up like that, but you know you need to do something. How do you know if your spirited toddler is going to be able to do the work in kindergarten? Is this picky eating thing a phase or something else? You might even feel unsure about whether or not you want to build your child’s immune system through shots, but don’t really know what else you can do.

Why a pediatric chiropractor?

Parents are a little confused when someone suggests pediatric chiropractic care. Why on earth would you take your four-year old to get “cracked?”kids chiropractor fort myers Home

The answer is surprisingly basic, but often the simple things are the most powerful.

We’ve recently discovered that the hard-wired reflexes like turning the cheek to nurse or grasping anything placed the hand don’t simply disappear by baby’s first year.  Instead, they integrate. These primitive reflexes become the roots of the tree that will be your child’s sensory nerve system. How that tree develops depends a lot on the quality of communication between the brain and body through the nerve system. If these systems don’t fully wire in, which happens in an estimated 1 in 6 children, there are things that a pediatric chiropractor can do to help your child

More than pain relief

There is a bloom of neurological activity that happens from birth to three years old where children soak in their sensory environment like sponges. Then from three to seven, the neurons go through a selection and pruning process to end up with what neuroscientists consider the “adult” brain. Research shows us that an adjustment to a child’s spine isn’t really about moving bones. Light adjustments actually fire up position sensors along the spine and cause a response deep in the brain that has the ability to re-arrange neurons. For example, if a child’s system of touch is too sensitive and the volume of a t-shirt’s itchy tag is too cranked up, an adjustment tells the brain what normal is supposed to “sound,” or in this case “feel,” like. If a system isn’t turned up enough, an adjustment gives signal boosting information to the position sensors along the spine, telling the brain something like “Hey, I’m still here! Don’t trim me!”

If you think about it, this isn’t just important for your pre-schooler’s senses like vision and touch. If the nerve system runs all the other systems (immunity, digestion, and metabolism, for example) and adjustments help the body find the right volume for the nerves, then it’s pretty obvious why so many of your friends recommended a pediatric chiropractor. Their children are healthier, their guts are developing without leaks and allergies, and they’re fit and coordinated. It’s not because they come to a place like Mama’s Chiropractic to get special pills or magic buttons pushed in their child’s bodies. It’s because their children are growing with nerve systems that are free and clear, and that’s why they’re healthier.

The proactive parenting shift

The parents at Mama’s Chiropractic are doing something about what you’re seeing at daycare, reading about on Facebook, and wary of in your pediatrician’s office. We’re creating a community where it’s safe for children to explore, grow, and share the experience of living fully as a healthy kid. An adjustment truly is an opportunity to answer the question about what you can do to start being pro-active with your child’s health. It’s not going to remove the toxins from your child’s environment, make them less upset if you have to leave for work or soften the sting from tumbles off playground equipment. But it will make them more resilient to those stresses.  As the parents in our office say, adjustments help a child deal with those with “good nerve energy,” rather than bad.