My Pregnant Sister Was Using a Cane

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As our office has grown successful and our reputation is spreading to the medical birth community, I’ve received quite a few “I don’t know what to do here, maybe the chiropractor can help,” referrals from obstetricians.  I’ve had more than my share of “Oh crap, how is this going to work?” moments when an expecting mother is assisted by a family member into my office.  But I trust the process, I trust the body is trying to do the right thing, and I tell those people I tell everyone about chiropractic:  My job isn’t to take away a symptom, it’s to help the body and brain talk clearly.  If subluxation is involved in what you’re experiencing, the symptoms generally take care of themselves as the body is free to begin healing.

This is a N.T. telling her role one of those stories:

I’ve been to many chiropractors and he is simply the best. I brought my sister in 9 months pregnant because she was in so much pain she was using a cane to walk. In three days I was helping her do pregnancy yoga to help with her baby’s positioning. I have a job that’s tough on my body and I couldn’t do it without him.

What the young lady doesn’t write is that this was an opportunity for her to come full-circle.  A few years prior to her sister getting pregnant, N. suffered a stroke and lost the ability to walk.  She told me she’d re-learned how to do it by following her sister around.  Now here was that same sister who had stood so strongly for her unable to get out of bed when I spoke with her on the phone two days prior, needing her help out of the car and onto our table.  The emotions were so powerful when I learned about our role in repaying N.’s debt of gratitude that I still get choked up when I tell this story in public.