Pregnancy Chiropractic Testimonial

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One of the biggest honors I have is when an expecting mom brings her baby in for care, then brings the rest of the family in.  What she doesn’t talk about in this testimonial is the level of trust this family had with me to adjust their youngest son with special needs, or give a second opinion when their eldest was hit in the head by a pitch and suffered a concussion.

Doc and the chiropractic care that he has provided myself and my family (three of four of my kids) is invaluable. I started seeing him when I was pregnant with my youngest child which made a HUGE difference for me in my pregnancy and delivery.

The story doesn’t end here.  The baby girl would cry with such painful gas, and after trying a course of care and probiotics we needed to take the next step.

When the youngest was born she had what seemed to me like colic issues, however something in my gut told me not to settle for that answer and I had her tested by Doc for food sensitivities- of which she had three big ones, all of which I was eating while nursing her!! A week after cutting those foods out of my diet and she was a different baby all together!!! He also began adjusting her as well as her bigger sister and one of her bigger brothers.
I cannot say enough positive things about Doc himself, his staff and his family… I am definitely grateful to have had them in my life these past 2 years!! Thanks you so much for all that you do!

When you’re a part of people’s lives for two years, you get to know one another.  You’ll see there’s a much different feel to Mama’s Chiropractic than what you’d expect from “going to the doctor.”  That difference has been a conscious effort to serve our patients with our hearts as well as our hands and minds.

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