Pregnancy Chiropractor Cape Coral

Pregnancy Chiropractor Cape Coral


In today’s medical atmosphere, it can be difficult to avoid medical intervention with pregnancy, depending on the provider that you choose. It’s important to know that your body was designed to birth your baby.

• Second Trimester: Around the 14th week of pregnancy, your body hits the peak production of a hormone called Relaxin, which allows your ligaments to relax and your pelvis to widen. Your immune system shifts, your hormones surge, and you go from not being able to stomach food to having strange cravings.

• Third Trimester: Your baby’s head sinks lower into your pelvis and a cascade of events begin stimulating your nerve system to release the hormone Oxytocin that begins your practice contractions. You’ll notice your baby moving more and more, because she’s going to need her strength to make her way out of the birth canal.

• Labor: If everything is properly in alignment, your baby’s head will engage and dilate the cervix and the nerve flow from your lower back and tailbone will send rhythmical signals to begin increasing the frequency and strength of the waves of surges in your womb which finish with the arrival of the baby that you’ve been dreaming of for the past 9 months.

How can I prepare for my birth?

If you think of birth as an initiation, there is physical, mental and emotional preparation necessary in order for you to be fully engaged in your birth process. Can a baby be born without that preparation? Yes. In fact, it happens every single day.

However, the physiological function of your muscles, the balance of your uterus, the alignment of your pelvis, all depends on clear communication between your brain and your body. This communication typically happens through your nerve system, but any static in that channel can cause muscles to be stressed and strained which can lead to issues during pregnancy and labor. Lack of sleep, headaches, early “mommy brain” or baby sitting too high can are examples of how imbalances can manifest themselves.

How can chiropractic care help me prepare?

A chiropractic adjustment isn’t a magic button that will make all your problems go away. It is, however, a step towards clarity, physical balance and dealing with symptoms with good nerve energy rather than bad. At Mama’s Chiropractic, we utilize the Webster Technique to help bring balance to your body so that both you and your baby can experience a safer and more comfortable birth. This technique is designed specifically for those that embrace proactive wellness.

Begin the process of physical preparation for pregnancy and birth. Your birth is not a passive event, and while some aspects will always remain sacred and mysterious, the better your body is able to communicate internally, the happier you’ll be with the result. Our reputation as a leader in the field of prenatal chiropractic has made Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic one of the largest pregnancy chiropractic practices in Florida.

We encourage you to join our community of moms who have discovered the difference in what we do.