Stalled Labor? Now what.

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You have everything set up. You are ready to birth at home. The Midwife and her team is in place. The pool is set up. The older siblings are off with family so you can focus on your birth. Your husband is holding your hips through each contraction, but things are progressing as they should.

That’s when we can come into play. This Momma had been under chiropractic for nearly half her pregnancy and this was baby number 5. She felt so much relief with this pregnancy and was happy to have us on her team.

When her labor began to slow, the Midwife called us in. We arrived at 6:15pm. We worked through three contractions with her as we gently adjusted her spine and the ligaments tied into child birth. By 6:24 the water had broke and by 6:28 and were holding her healthy baby boy!

We urge Mom’s to seek chiropractic by 20 weeks gestation and if you are having a home birth, a chiropractor may be a wanted addition to your team! We’d be happy to help your body function as it’s best!