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Where do I go from here?

Posted By on Oct 5, 2017

So, you have a newborn who is colicky, not sleeping well, not pooping easily, having a hard time latching and you are at your wits end to help your little one through this….. What do you do? I suggest coming to a Pediatric Chiropractor. Yes, a chiropractor! Our job is to ensure that the communication between the brain and body is fully flowing so as to enable our body to function as it was meant to. We get to the cause of what...

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  Recently, Lee County reinstated recess in our public schools. If you were wondering why some of our parents fought so hard for it, check out this article excerpt from this month’s Pathways Newsletter: Everyone benefits from a break. Research indicates that people learn better and faster when their efforts are distributed, rather than concentrated. Recess increases focus. In one study 60% of the children worked more and/or...

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