Mama’s Chiropractic Care Plan

Mama’s Chiropractic Care Plan

Explanation and Comparison of Discounts and Plans

While most offices run on a fee-for-service basis, our practice functions on a different model that makes payments fair and affordable for families and rewards them for being proactive with their health.

The concept is pretty simple: Our usual fees are $80 per visit, but through our discount program most of our patients actually pay less for a year of care than they would if we were in their insurance network.

We’ve collected data on families and children under chiropractic care for five years, and we discovered most of our patients measure their relationship with us not in visits, but in years. The first year most people visit us on average 48 times whether they are a couple on a fertility program, a pregnant mom, a newborn, or a child with balance issues.

We see our patients more frequently the first 90 days to get their nerve systems up and running. We know that when patients continue their care after the initial 90 days they’re less likely to have flare-ups. Pregnant patients can typically expect a period of active care that requires multiple visits per week at the beginning of care and close to their birth, while for most of their pregnancy and 90 days post-partum they are seen weekly.

Upon demonstrating stability and improvement at the progressive re-examination, most patients transition to every two weeks with the understanding that if they need a booster, they’ll be covered by the first year plan without any extra cost.

The second year our patients average 36 visits, so we designed a program for those members, too.  Simple math tells you that this program also is designed to account for the occasional flare-up, even if a patient comes in every 2 weeks.

One of the benefits of the 48 and 36 visit plans is the progressive re-examinations are included in the program fee.  We have plans available for individuals and families. Families of 3 or under receive a 25% discount on their plans.

Service Fees

New Patient Consult & Exam $150
Single Adjustment or Emergency Visit Outside Office Hours $80
Existing Patient Progressive Re-Examination, Food Sensitivity Testing $90
Established Patient Exam (Patient absence of longer than a 6 months) or new major trauma requiring re-evaluation $90
Acute Program (16 visits) $1430

48 Visit Program

48 visits in the first year of membership1

Individual – Pay in Full $2016
Individual – 30% Down
$705.60 down, $137.20/mo x 12
Individual Pregnancy – 30% Down
$705.60 down, $274.40/mo x 6
Family of 3, or under – Pay in Full $3000 
Family of 3, or under – 30% Down
$1080 down, $210/mo x 12
Family of 3, or under Pregnancy – 30% Down
$1080 down, $420/mo x 6
Family of 4 plus – Pay in Full
Family of 4 plus – 30% Down
$1350/down, $262.50/mo x 12
Family of 4 plus Pregnancy – 30%
$1350/down, $525/mo x 6

36 Visit Program

Initial program graduates are eligible for the following 36 visit maintenance plans.2

Individual – Pay in Full $1512
Individual – 30% Down
$529.20 down, $205.60/mo x 6
Family of 3, or under – Pay in Full $2250
Family of 3, or under – 30% Down
810 down, $315/mo x 6
Family of 4 plus – Pay in Full $2812.50
Family of 4 plus – 30% Down
$1012.50 down, $393.75/mo x 6

1. Exams and Re-exams as scheduled are included in the cost of the program.

2. Maintenance programs may be suspended for up to 1 month annually without penalty.  Patients who return to care between 1 and 6 months after suspension will require a progressive re-examination before resuming the Maintenance Program.