3 Things You Should Know About Detoxing If You’re Pregnant or Nursing


Many people recommend doing some form of cleanse every change in season. What if you’re pregnant or nursing, though? If that’s the case, chat with your provider then modify how you do it.

In this week’s #OneBellyWednesday I discuss my journey through detoxes. I’ve done everything from The Master Cleanse to Juice Fasts to a Gallbladder flush. I don’t think there’s many I haven’t tried. My favorite organ to start with is the large intestine. It’s the organ that holds our toxins; that’s the definition of it’s job. The regal colon takes water from our waste, then holds the waste for elimination. The mucosa of the organ traps stuff that really shouldn’t be there, and housecleaning is a really good idea.

Two Ways to Do It

I usually drink Traditional Medicinal’s Organic Smooth Move (I like peppermint, but they make a chocolate). It contains senna, an herb that makes the bowels move and the mucosa release. This is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. I give the directions for how I use it in the full video below.

What I recommend for pregnant or nursing moms is called bentonite clay. Check out the video for the directions, including the thing you have to know about clay detoxes. The basic directions:

  • 1/4 tsp of clay
  • 1 pint of water
  • Stir and sit overnight

Do NOT Do These Things!

  1.  Don’t Eat or Take Supplements for 30 minutes after drinking the clay.  This stuff is designed to absorb, so instead of your body absorbing your nutrients, they’ll leave as really expensive poo. 
  2. Do take a good quality probiotic while you’re detoxing.  You’ll be kicking out the baddies, so it’s critical you replace them with the good.  We use Klaire Labs probiotics in our office.
  3. Finally, the absolute rule:  Don’t trust a fart on a detox!  You will be gassy, you might think you can sneak one by, but you only have to screw this up once to never forget.  Yikes!

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