Chiropractic care
for pregnant women
and children

Find chiropractors at Mama's who are:

Find chiropractors at Mama's
who are:
♡ Experts in Pediatric Care
Find chiropractors at Mama's
who are:
♡ Webster Technique Certified
Find chiropractors at Mama's
who are:
♡ Evidence-Based Practitioners
Find chiropractors at Mama's
who are:
♡ ICPA Supporting Members
Find chiropractors at Mama's
who are:
♡ Research Contributors
our mission

Better pregnancies, better births,
healthier starts

We partner with families to build stronger bodies, quicker minds, and loving relationships through chiropractic care, education, and community

Perinatal Care

Safe, more comfortable pregnancy, birth and postpartum
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Pediatric Care

Promoting your child's natural health through chiropractic
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Infant Care

Safe, gentle, and effective care to help your child grow
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Preconception Care

Take charge of your fertility and prepare for parenthood
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Experts in pregnancy care

The doctors at Mama’s Chiropractic are uniquely qualified in pregnancy care and are certified to use the Webster Technique.

pregnancy chiropractic

The Webster Technique helps bring balance to your pelvis, and although it has a reputation for being a breech-turning technique, we don’t physically turn babies. Your baby will naturally move to where there is more space when your body is in alignment.

All the doctors have been trained by the ICPA in the care of children: Doc is a Diplomate (DACCP) in pediatric care, and Dr. Danielle is a candidate for certification.

We base our practice on the current data and literature surrounding pregnancy, birth, and pediatrics, and serve as the primary research center for pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic in both the US and internationally.

how we help

Whole family care that changes lives

Case Study

Patient Birth Story: Chiropractic Care the Second Time Around

Just how important is pelvic alignment and balance when it comes to having a safer, easier birth?

"We felt listened to, safe, and appreciated."
– E.H.
"The thing that stands out in my mind is the success I have seen in concentration, [my son's] overall health, and his picky eating habits."
– Sarah
"I'm feeling more like myself. I'm more joyful, and I can manage stress without feeling mad all the time."
– Courtney
"The first medical establishment that actually listened to me."​
– Holly
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Listen as Doc Edwards, Director of Mama’s Chiropractic, describes why thousands of parents have trusted him with their bellies and babies, plus receive a discount towards a new patient exam.

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