Pediatric Care

Helping Kids Grow

A community where it’s safe for children to explore, grow, and share the experience of living fully as a healthy kid.

"I do not know how I lived before chiropractic care."

"After this experience, I am sold. I am so glad we gave it a try!"

"I am shocked in the surprises I have seen in my son."

"The kids love their visits with him, he puts them so at ease."

"I do not know how I lived before chiropractic care."
♡ — Heather
"After this experience, I am sold. I am so glad we gave it a try!"
♡ — Rachel
"I am shocked in the surprises I have seen in my son."
♡ —Sarah
"The kids love their visits with him, he puts them so at ease.""
♡ — Samantha

Chiropractic Care for Preschoolers

The health landscape is very different from what it was a generation ago. It’s not your imagination– our children are sicker. Do you notice:

  • Slow recovery from minor illnesses, such recurring colds, flus and allergies?
  • Inability for your child to concentrate or hyperactivity?
  • Difficulty sleeping or anxiety?

How do you know if your spirited toddler is going to be able to do the work in kindergarten? Is this picky eating thing a phase or something else? You might even feel unsure about whether or not you want to build your child’s immune system through shots, but don’t really know what else you can do.


How it works

Hard-wired reflexes that develop during a baby’s first year integrate and become your child’s nerve system. The nerve system runs all the systems in your child’s body: vision, touch, immunity, digestion, and metabolism. Adjustments help the body find the right volume for their nerves. 

Children who receive chiropractic care may grow guts that develop without leaks and allergies, or become more physically fit and coordinated. It’s because these children are growing with nerve systems that are free and clear.

How chiropractic care helps

An adjustment can help your child experience living fully as a healthy kid.

With regular visits, you may notice…


Ease during growth spurts and improved overall wellbeing


Rebound from physical, emotional, or behavioral challenges


Improved ability to face stress, resolve symptoms, and heal


Improved adaptative response as children become who they are

Come visit us to see what chiropractic care can do for your family.

Experts in Pediatric Care

All of the practitioners at Mama’s Chiropractic are uniquely qualified to care for your family have been trained by the ICPA. 

All the doctors have been trained by the ICPA in the care of children: Doc is a Diplomate (DACCP) in pediatric care, and Dr. Ashely and Dr. Danielle are candidates for certification.

We base our practice on the current data and literature surrounding pregnancy, birth, and pediatrics, and serve as the primary research center for pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic in both the US and internationally.

Promoting your child's natural health

In our office, we care for individuals, and expression of health looks different for each and every child. For some children, it could mean reaching developmental milestones, or improved digestion. For others it could mean the resolution of emotional or behavioral challenges, such as fewer temper tantrums, or improved sleep. 

As chiropractors, we never know what kind of change a parent will see or how soon the body will heal when we remove the nerve interference. But when I have a parent who has set up a good environment for their child, things usually take off.

Patient Success Stories

See the impact chiropractic care has made to parents like you.


"My child is 8yos, well 9 now. He often would complain of neck pain and back pain."
Why they came to Mama's
"The thing that stands out in my mind is the success I have seen in concentration, his overall health, and his picky eating habits."
How we helped
"It is a pleasure to go to the office. They don't judge you, they listen to you and support what you want to do for your child."
Why they recommend us
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"I would like to start by saying I do not know how I lived before chiropractic care and I can't believe it took me having a baby to start. We began treatment when my daughter developed asthma at the age of 1."
Why they came to Mama's
"My daughter has been seeing Dr. John for almost 2 years. In that time her health has improved, her motor skills are better, and best of all he is able to help us with sensory issues that appear around growth spurts."
How we helped
"Dr. John and the rest of the staff have amazing energy that can turn even the crabbiest child's day around. Get off the fence and make an appointment today!"
Why they recommend us
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"We came to Mama's Chiropractic after my 18 month old daughter fell and started limping. We took her to urgent care, and the nurse practitioner did not seem bothered by it. She actually made me feel like I over-reacted."
Why they came to Mama's
"Finally somebody knew what was wrong and could help her! It is a week later and she is walking and running much better. I don't even notice her limping anymore. This is a child who for 18 months never slept through the night! Now she sleeps. It sounds too good to be true, but it is!"
How we helped
"Dr. John is very good with kids and makes the experience as fun as possible. After this experience, I am sold. I am so glad we gave it a try!"
Why they recommend us
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Let's help your child take off.

Thank you for trusting our office. I know taking your child to a chiropractor is a big leap, but you should know that we are grateful to be a part of your family’s health journey.