Birthing In Covidia

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This week’s #OneBellyWednesday discusses a homebirth headed for the hospital, and what some expertise in the situation can do to get a birth back on track.

If you are 36 weeks pregnant or later, I’m sure you’re asking some different questions about your birth experience.  This week we had 3 babies from our office born at home, and I attended one of them.  There are techniques that body and birthworkers can apply during labor to help.


Spinning Babies®– A series of activites designed to balance the pelvis to get mom and baby ready for birth.

Dynamic Body Balancing– Developed by the woman I refer to as the Godmother of Perinatal Chiropractic, Dr. Carol Phillips.  These techniques were the foundation for Spinning Babies® and involve cranial sacral techniques that were developed through Dr. Phillips’ 30+ years of attending births. 

Here are a few directories to find providers near you:

ICPA-trained Perinatal Chiropractors:

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners

More examples of the Forward Leaning Inversion. We’d prefer to have our patients more inverted, and have patients settle down on her heels at the end. The duration is going to depend on the situation- during the labor I describe, we did these for several contractions in a row with some breaks in between.