Easy Steps to Order Ambrotose Life Online


We use glyconutrients, or glycans, or fancy-way-for-saying-essential-sugars, to build healthy cells. We recommend a supplement, Ambrotose Life from Mannatech, to help with that process. Here is a step by step guide on how to order Ambrotose Life online. Finally you can stop worrying about whether or not we happen to have any in stock on the day of your appointment and get it delivered to your door. Plus, you’ll save $$$.


This is the item you’ll find on the Mannatech site

Select a canister here: https://us.mannatech.com/products/integrative-health/details/51701/ or, if you would like an on-the-go option, the slimsticks (order here) contain the same amount of the active ingredients and are great for travel. The canisters have a scoop in them, and my typical recommendation for patients (adults and children) is one scoop daily. This should be about 60 servings worth. The main difference is that the Ambrotose in the canister doesn’t have a taste and mixes well in everything but plain water (it clumps). The one-a-day slimsticks have a lemony-citrus taste. For kids I usually recommend a half stick daily.

The following instructions are for the canister, but they are similar for the slimsticks.

When you select your quantity you’ll see it added in the shopping cart. Click “Review Cart” to go to the next screen.

Click the blue review cart button

While this next part is optional, I really recommend it. Mannatech does occasionally give discounts, but usually that’s tied to ordering other products in packages. Often they have a special if you buy 2 boxes of slimsticks. The subscribe and save discount is the only consistent one I’ve seen in 5 years. That’s what we do for the practice. We don’t get a special healthcare provider discount or wholesale on this stuff, so the automatic order discount is the only way those cans pay their own rent on our shelves. When you’ve made up your mind that you like saving money, click the blue “Check Out” button.

Automatic Order gives you a discount on all products. If more than one person is using the canister, this is a good idea.

Of course they want your info. You want the product mailed to you, yes? Fill this out please.

Enter your customer details

When you finish with the security information, the next part connects your account to the Mama’s Chiropractic account. Click the green box.

Select the referral information to proceed.

Referral Code

Pretty simple here: Select “Yes, I was referred,” then search for us by entering the referral ID for our practice: 3525316.

Important: Select “Yes,” then copy and paste this number into the field: 3525316

Click “Find Associate.” I’m getting excited! Are you excited?! I wonder what’s going to happen?

Confirm the number matches, then click Find Associate.

WAIT. What?!! Who the heck is HealthStory Productions? Well, fun story…

HealthStory Productions is the official name of the parent company for Mama’s Chiropractic. This is the correct name.

Oprah Winfrey has been a big source of inspiration for Doc and loved the idea of HARPO Productions (that’s Oprah spelled backwards) being the umbrella for all of Oprah’s work, from film to tv to her magazine. Back in 2010, Doc decided to start a company called HealthStory Productions, LLC to do talks, film production, and produce DVDs because he wanted to share people’s health journeys, aka their “health stories,” with the world. When he moved to Florida he organized Mama’s Chiropractic under it. Telling those stories is still a major point of joy for Doc today. So, you’ve got the right one! Please do select the box because we want to follow up with you, and click the “Continue to Shipping” button.

We want to confirm you didn’t have problems ordering when we recommend you begin the glycans, so please check this box and continue to shipping information.

Shipping and Billing

Shipping time! Make sure this is YOUR preferred shipping address (the example here is Mama’s) and if you plan on living there for a bit, you’re going to want to check the box to save the address. You then have the option of free shipping with a canister of Ambrotose Life (2 boxes of the slimsticks gets you free shipping), or you can get it sent by raven for extra. jk about the raven, but they do have other shipping options. Click the green “Continue to Payment” button.

Confirm your shipping information is correct (you entered it earlier). Also check the box if you have opted in to automatic order.

Is the billing address on your credit card the same as your shipping address? If not, change it here. Again, don’t be silly and use our billing address, this is just an example. When you’re finished, it’s time to pull out the card info. Remember if you’re trying to save money over the long haul with automatic order, this will be the card Mannatech will use.

PSA: In the 5 years we’ve been with Mannatech we’ve never had a problem with credit card fraud because they do use super secure processing methods (I’m looking at you, Experian, Target, Home Depot, and the IRS). However, as a personal precaution, we generally don’t advise using debit cards with online transactions because it limits your liability if a site gets hacked. Yes, banks do often reverse the charges to an amount. But in some cases you’re waiting on that cash to get back in your account to buy groceries, whereas with a credit card you’re not out anything if it takes a bit for the investigation to wrap up. Listen, we know it DOES happen because every month in the office we have to update some family’s card information due to theft somewhere else. Be a conscious online shopper.

Enter your billing information here. Our practice does not receive your credit card information.

Almost There!

If you’ve selected the automatic order option because you like having both product AND extra money, this is your authorization area where you type your name. Did you read what it says? You can cancel AO at any time. No weird contracts. If you and your partner or child use the product daily like we ask, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the canister by the time your next shipment arrives.

Please review your order with the green button, and place it with the blue one.

If you have selected automatic order, this is the confirmation screen you will see.

All finished!

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