Imagine Breastfeeding And Loving Every Minute Of It!


All the mamas out there know… the postpartum period is a whirlwind!

Not only are you adjusting to taking care of a new baby, but also your body is undergoing huge changes (just as big as during your pregnancy!)
And you are now sleeping less, nursing (literally nourishing an entire human with YOUR body!), and might even be going back to work around the 3-month mark.

It’s a lot! The stress of it all can affect milk supply if you are not taking proper care of yourself.

Today I want to share my go-to supplements that I’ve used in my own postpartum recovery and first months of motherhood. I will also go over what can lower milk supply and how to address it naturally in my upcoming blogs this month.

Supplements to Take For Postpartum Recovery & Surviving Motherhood

Here’s a quick rundown of a daily supplemental routine that is beneficial to take after giving birth.

1. A quality Prenatal Multivitamin

There’s nothing that depletes your body of nutrients quite like growing another human and now nursing them! You need the extra nutrients in a good prenatal just as much after birth as you do before.

I like Pure Synergy PureNatal because it is whole food-based with quality ingredients and other important micronutrients. I specifically chose a prenatal that contains chromium because it is also good for moms who have a family history of diabetes or have had gestational diabetes in prior pregnancies. Research suggests that chromium can help lower fasting blood sugar and insulin levels.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium – for everything! Magnesium has so many amazing benefits…. But it’s especially good for mitochondrial energy, maintaining your calm, supporting healthy sleep, hormone support, and insulin signaling. I use Chelated Magnesium Glycinate by Country Life.

3. Adaptogens

Adaptogenic herbs (like goji berry, maca root, ginseng, and more) support adrenal health and mitochondrial function. With all the stress of a new baby and the limited sleep, adaptogens can be really useful. I use Adaptogen Performance by Gaia Herbs.

4. Probiotic & prebiotic

I rotate through 2 products to keep my gut healthy: Klaire Therbiotic, and Klaire Synbiotic.( We sell both of these in our offices).
The probiotic and prebiotic are for your own health – but also for your baby’s! Right now, your baby’s microbiome is still “under construction” and is strongly influenced by who they come in contact with. Moms transfer bacteria to baby through kissing, cuddling, and (most importantly) breastfeeding. That’s why gut health is even more of a priority right now than more than ever.

5. Vitamin D

Taking 1,000iu per 25lbs of body weight is beneficial for many reasons. Baby gets vitamin d, and you get a strong healthy immune system. We sell Innate Choice Vitamin D in our offices. Supporting your body with the proper nutrients can help get you through those long nights.

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