Prepping for VBAC


This #OneBellyWednesday discusses two successful VBAC cases:

Not all VBACs present with the same issues. Here’s two successful cases from the office.

April has been a baby bonanza in our office: Six births, four at home, with two VBACs and a couple still on the clock. The VBAC births (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) or TOLAC (Trial of Labor After Cesarean) are always special to me. I love the opportunity to address the reason for the first surgical birth! Most times I’m doing a lot of reassuring in the 3rd trimester. I find myself saying several things: “Your body is different this time around.” “You are communicating in a new way.” “There is so much more balance in your body now.” These two were a little different, though.

In both cases the mothers had some level of chiropractic care during the first pregnancy. In one case I worked furiously in the last portion of the third trimester to get baby room to go from breech to head down, but she was too long to make the rotation. The other mother was under care with a dear friend of mine. But as a pregnancy specialist, there were some things about her pelvis I was able to pick up. Those subtle findings changed the dynamics the second go-around.

Their management represented opposite ends of the VBAC spectrum. The first had a strong core and lot of fascia to release for baby to engage. The second had a really strong pelvic floor but hypermobile joints. In this week’s #OneBellyWednesday video, I discuss how we gave both the births they were looking for.

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