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Pricing & Care Plans

World class chiropractic care, for less than your average co-pay.

Pregnancy Plans

Pregnant patients can typically expect a period of active care that requires multiple visits per week at the beginning of care and close to their birth, while for most of their pregnancy and 90 days postpartum they are seen weekly. Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Pay Monthly Pay in Full
Individual $274.40/month 30% down - $705.60 $2016
Family of 2-3 $420/month 30% down - $1080 $3000
Family of 4+ $525/month 30% down - $1350 $3750

Family Plans

Our family plans are broken into two programs: 48 visits during your first year of care, and 36 visits after that. Exams and Re-exams as scheduled are included in the cost of the programs. Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Family of 2-3

Pay Monthly Pay in Full
48 Visits $210/month 30% down - $1080 $3000
36 Visits $315/month 30% down - $810 $2250

Family of 4+

Pay Monthly Pay in Full
48 Visits $262.50/month 30% down - $1350 $3750
36 Visits $393.75/month 30% down - $1012.50 $2812.50

Pediatric Plans

We see infants and children more frequently the first 90 days to get their nerve systems up and running. We know that when patients continue their care after the initial 90 days they’re less likely to have flare-ups. Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Pay Monthly Pay in Full
48 Visits $137.20/month 30% down - $705.60 $2016
36 Visits $205.60/month 30% down - $529.20 $1512

Non-Member Plans

Call this the “Insurance Plan.” Typically, we find that when a patient uses insurance, their deductible is usually met after just 4 visits. What we’ve outlined below is an estimate of what you will pay out of pocket in co-pays after your deductible has been met. 

Pay per visit Pay in Full
20 Visits $80 $3360

Commonly asked questions

If you have any more questions about how payment plans work, just ask us at your next appointment, or give our office a call at (239) 549-6262. 

It depends.

These plans are perfect for patients with Health Savings Accounts. If your HSA requires coded bills be submitted, we can provide those for you quarterly.

For traditional insurance, your superbills would have to be submitted by you as an out-of-network provider. Again, we can provide those bills to you quarterly. All you have to do is request them from

Immediate family: Spouses/partners and dependent children are eligible for these plans.

Families of 3 or under receive a 25% discount on our family plans.

Adding family members: Yes, each visit has a value, and we will charge the difference for the upgrade on the remaining visits. When you run out, we will simply renew at the family rate you’ve selected.

Changing payment plan: If you want to switch from paying monthly to pay in full, or vice versa, we can issue you a refund minus the 6% refund fee for the remaining visits, and you can apply that to a new 36 or 48 visit package.

We evaluate on a quarterly basis which family member has the highest visit frequency, then base our counts accordingly. We don’t divide the visits among family members. Our goal is that the family is seen 36 times over the year, not that a family of 3 can only be seen 12 times.

No. However, if you drop off the face of the earth we may attempt to get in touch with you about a refund. 

Our Jane software makes this super easy for you! Just login to your Jane account and navigate to the “Appointment History” section. You can see all your past appointments and any linked family members’ past appointments as well.

Purchase a plan, Save 25%

Whether you're a pregnant mom, have a newborn, a child with balance issues, or are a couple seeking fertility support, we have a plan for you.