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World class chiropractic care, for less than your average co-pay.

Phase 1 Membership Plans

Whether you’re pregnant, bringing in your baby, or new to our office, patients can typically expect a period of acute and active care that requires multiple visits per week at the beginning of care and weekly appointments until their goals are achieved.  Phase 1 Programs typically run 3 monthly billing cycles and include all the visits the doctor recommends (outside of Food Sensitivity Testing). Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Pay Monthly
Individual $250
2nd Family Member $200
3rd + Family Member $150

Phase 2 Wellness Membership Plans

For our patients who have achieved their functional goals in Phase 1, we offer a Phase 2 Wellness program.  These programs cover what the average wellness patient uses in our office (about twice a month) and accounts for natural flare-ups, falls, teething, and developmental leaps where a little extra care can help. Each plan is billed in 12 monthly cycles. Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Pay Monthly
Individual $150
2nd Family Member $100
3rd + Family Member $50

Care Cards

The 10 visit Care Card is popular during pregnancy and with patients who require extra care.   You’ll save $300 on the advanced purchase of visits you can use towards their program, including re-exams.  Most patients who utilize this option reach their functional goals in 20 visits, at which point they are eligible to join the Phase 2 Membership program.   Purchase at your next appointment or call us.  

Pay in Full
10 Visits $500 ($50/visit)

Commonly asked questions

If you have any more questions about how payment plans work, just ask us at your next appointment, or give our office a call at (239) 549-6262. 

We make the process of submitting to your insurance as easy and convenient as possible.

These plans are perfect for patients with Health Savings Accounts. If your HSA or FSA requires coded bills be submitted, we can provide those for you quarterly.

For traditional insurance, your superbills would have to be submitted by you as an out-of-network provider. Again, we can provide those bills to you quarterly. All you have to do is request them from

Immediate family: Spouses/partners and dependent children are eligible for these plans.

Families of 3 or more receive the best rate on the 3rd and subsequent family members who are under care.

Adding family members: Yes, family members can be added at any time to your plan whether you are in Phase 1 or Phase 2.  They will have their own set of goals to achieve for graduation into their Phase 2.

Changing payment plan: If you want to switch from a Care Card to a Membership Plan, we will simply credit the amount remaining on your card to the next month’s billing cycle.  Patients who have completed 2 Care Cards are eligible for Phase 2 plans.

If you would like to switch from a Membership Plan to a Care Card, we can do that before the next monthly billing cycle.

If patients are eligible for Phase 2 and wish to share a family Care Card, yes we can accommodate that. 
However, for Phase 1 patients these cards are not transferrable between family members.  If you would like to change the family member receiving care with a care card, we can apply the balance towards a new 10 visit card for that family member.  

Our Jane software makes this super easy for you! Just login to your Jane account and navigate to the “Appointment History” section. You can see all your past appointments and any linked family members’ past appointments as well.

Parents find that their children with special needs benefit from weekly care.  We suggest two options for those families.
Option 1: Individual Phase 2 Membership and Care Card

Phase 2 Membership is 36 visits and would cover 3 weeks of care per month.  You can purchase a Care Card to make up would make up 10 visits for the first half of the year, and a second later in the year to cover the remaining weeks (because some months have 5 weeks instead of 4).  
Option 2: Phase 2 Family Membership and Care Card

If the family is on a Phase 2 Membership, we can assign the child the 2nd or 3rd+ family member rate and a Care Card would cover 10 additional visits.  The unused credit from family members who stick to their every 2 week appointments will accumulate during the year and can be applied to the child’s account to cover the remaining weeks. For a family of 4 or more, their accumulated credit at the end of the year would be more than enough to pay for another full Care Card.  

Life happens.  If something major (such as a new pregnancy or a serious accident) happens to a patient during Phase 1 that is going to need a revision to the program of care, the doctor may assess and recommend a temporary change to Phase 1 until you are back functioning well again.  
However, if the flare-up is relatively minor and requires 1 or 2 booster visits for the month, we will simply charge you the current Phase 2 visit rate to cover those services.  

Care Cards
If it’s been more than 6 months since your last appointment, your care card will be dissolved and the balance transferred to the Mama’s Chiropractic Financial Hardship fund for families who cannot ordinarily afford pediatric or pregnancy chiropractic care.
Phase 1 & 2 Memberships
If a patient has completed the billing cycles and has credit remaining for visits, that money will be placed on a gift card that patients may use towards the next round of care, a family member’s program, supplements, functional medicine or food sensitivity testing services, or they can contribute the balance to the Mama’s Chiropractic Financial Hardship fund.  Unclaimed balances will be transferred after 6 months to the Mama’s Chiropractic Financial Hardship fund.   

  • Requests for returns, refunds or cancellations must be submitted in writing and are subject to review.  The request may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Refunds are subject to a 6% refund transaction fee and could take up to 30 days to be processed. 
  • Patients also have the option to donate their remaining credit to our financial hardship fund to help individuals and families in need of assistance get chiropractic care.

Since our inception, Mama’s Chiropractic has fought to make chiropractic accessible for all families.  We are aligned with the goals of The Patriot Project providing chiropractic services to Active Duty, Medically Discharged Veterans, and Gold Star families.  We also have a trade for services program and a Financial Hardship scholarship program.  
Financial Hardship is determined by our administration on a case-by-case basis.  It functions as a subsidy on a family’s ability to pay for services.  This subsidy has been provided by generous members of our practice who donate their unused portions of care plans into our Financial Hardship fund at the end of their billing cycle.  

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