Support for New Parents: Finding Like-Minded Parents in Southwest Florida


This resource list has been updated as of October 2020.

In a day and age where an obsession with technology has turned us a little anti-social, it can be hard to meet new people. Add to that being a new parent and barely making it out of the house and your chances of meeting people are significantly reduced.

As you adjust to your new routine, you might find that your friends who don’t have children don’t really understand you and your new schedule. You’ll inevitably start to crave the understanding and insight that comes with other like-minded parents.

Here are a few great ways to meet like-minded parents in Southwest Florida that will have you forming a great community of support.

Social Media

While social media is often guilty for making parents less social, there are a lot of community groups available that can provide much-needed support whenever you have questions or need insight. Facebook in particular has many different groups for different interests that are local to this area. For the natural parenting crowd, here are some great groups that you’ll want to check out:

Your Place of Worship

For those of you that attend church on a regular basis, this is the perfect place to meet parents who share the same values. Many churches have regular gatherings, potlucks, and family events that serve to help the members of the congregation get to know one another and to form a closer community.

Your Neighborhood

Sometimes establishing a community is as simple as walking outside your front door. Going on a walk or to your community park could yield surprising results. Keep your head up (and eyes away from your cell phone) and you might be pleasantly surprised at the social opportunities that present themselves just outside your home.

Your Child’s Chiropractic Office

If you take your child to the chiropractor, you’re likely of a unique mindset when it comes to parenting your child. You’ll inevitably encounter other parents and children in the waiting room who parent in a similar way. Pay attention to how parents handle their children and engage in conversation with them. You might be surprised at how much you share in common.

The best of friends are made in the most unlikely places. From Facebook to the park and church, you may find that locating a community of like-minded parents is easier than you think. Before you reach out to others and begin searching for a community to share your parenting experiences with, take some time to assess how you parent and you’ll have a better hold on the characteristics that you should look for in the parents and groups that you surround yourself with.

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