The Relationship between Covid-19, ACE-2, Pregnancy, and Vitamin D


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Edit: I have included an additional resources at the bottom of this blog post that was foundational in my understanding of Covid-19 as a novel virus.

TL;DR Version – 6mins

Covid-19 binds to a receptor in the lungs associated with relaxing blood vessels called ACE-2. There is some evidence that if the receptors are filled with the enzyme, there aren’t as many docking stations for Covid-19 to latch onto the lung cells.

This video covers 3 things that help the body make more circulating ACE-2:

  1. Estrogen
  2. Having a placenta
  3. Vitamin D

Emerging evidence suggests these may have a protective effect. However elderly patients (low estrogen) with cardiovascular disease, pregnant patients with pre-eclampsia, and people who are low in Vitamin D levels may be at greater risk for Covid-19 infection.

Uncut Video – 19mins

This is the full, uncut video that includes information and theories on ACE-2 enzymes and receptors, Covid-19, elderly patients, why those on blood pressure medication should stay on it, estrogen, placental influences on ACE-2, Vitamin D influences on ACE-2, and Vitamin D influences on pre-eclampsia. It also contains theories on why younger Americans who are obese, sedentary, and Vitamin D deficient may be at risk for contracting this disease.


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Covid-19 image:

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