Wellness Orientation Workshop


How to stop worrying about your child’s health in 6 steps, even if you don’t have a medical degree

This video is by far and away the most important thing we can share with you. It is the foundation of this chiropractic practice. Listen as Doc Edwards, Director of Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic, describes why thousands of parents have trusted him with their bellies and babies. 

Do you want to build a stronger and more resilient body for your child?

Do you desire a more comfortable pregnancy and birth?

Are you struggling to meet the mental and emotional demands of parenting with integrity and clarity?

Watch this video and you will learn the 6 principles that keep our patients healthy and thriving!  

Your Family Could Save Hundreds!

If you score 80% or higher on our quiz, we’ll give you 50% off the cost of a new patient examination. If all the adults in the household pass the quiz, we’ll extend the discount to your children as well. That’s a savings of $75 per person (so take notes as you go)!

If someone shared this video with you and you aren’t local to Southwest Florida, we have a directory of other chiropractors who share our orientation to practice. You can find a doctor near you here at http://www.discoverkidshealth.com

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