Dr. Ashley Figueroa-Melendez


Ashley is from Corozal, Puerto Rico. Growing up she wanted to be a lawyer up until age 17 and she even met Supreme Court judge Sotomayor. She was involved in multiple sports growing up like competitive swimming, volleyball, and track and field. When she graduated high school, that summer she went to a Life leadership weekend that Life University offers and she fell in love with not only the school but its philosophy. Later that Fall, she moved to Marietta, Ga to continue her bachelor’s degree in Biology. She was part of the Life University track and field team. In 2015 she decided to enter the chiropractic program and had an interest in neurology and later on, on pregnancies and kids since she was in her 2nd or 3rd quarter and since then she has gone through the ICPA certification, several seminars and is currently doing her Master’s in Nutrition and Functional Medicine to be able to help serve the population in SWFL.

In her free time, she enjoys exercising, baking, and cooking, visiting local coffee shops and exploring farmer markers, as well as helping her community.  She also loves to keep up to date with her education by watching webinars. and different seminars.

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