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Mobile Family Chiropractic Zone Map from North Port
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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Convenience of Mobile Family Chiropractic

Need a House Call During Pregnancy, After Birth, for Baby, or the Whole Family? Webster Certified Dr. Danielle Dietrich now …

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Amanda is from Long Island, New York and moved to sunny Florida at age 7. She knew from a young …

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Dr. Ashley Figueroa-Melendez

Ashley is from Corozal, Puerto Rico. Growing up she wanted to be a lawyer up until age 17 and she …

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Expansions Coming to Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic

Here at Mama’s Chiropractic, we all feel like we have the best jobs in the world, and that comes down …

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Affordable HEALTH Care: Why We Don’t Accept Insurance

There are chiropractors who contract with insurance providers to deliver chiropractic care. If you have great insurance, they may cover around 20 visits before you start paying out of pocket. That would get you either an adjustment about every two weeks or, if there’s an immediate issue, about 3 months of care figuring 2-3 visits a week for 4 weeks, then weekly for 8.

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Two Supplements You’ll Find on the Shelves at Mama’s

Why I started carrying supplements, and why I resisted it for so long I don’t like it when people get …

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