Expansions Coming to Mama’s Chiropractic Clinic


Here at Mama’s Chiropractic, we all feel like we have the best jobs in the world, and that comes down to our patients.  Doc likes to joke that holding babies is one of the benefits he provides for his employees, but the reality is, we all have huge hearts for pregnancy, birth, babies and families.  Every patient who walks in our door is an opportunity to build a relationship and offer the support that we know parents and children need—and it is our pleasure to do so.  Our practice would not be what it is today without our amazing patients, both past and present, and for that we thank each and every one of you who has come in, referred a friend or family member, or joined our community of conscious parents.

Our office is different from many other chiropractors’ offices our patients may have been to.  Sure, we are correcting subluxations and are clearing the pathways for optimal brain and body communication.  However, our practice focuses on wellness for the whole family.  One of the ways we accommodate that principle is by operating as a membership-based service.  Our membership plans are simple: we looked at the average number of visits for a patient in their first year of care and the average number of visits for subsequent years of care were, and put together 2 types of visit frequency packages for both individuals and families.  Many of you reading this have participated in our membership plans and have seen lower costs associated with your visits than what you would pay under your insurance plan.  Most of you can get the care that supports you and your family without the visit limits that have held you back from this kind of wellness care in the past.

The need for the specialized care we offer in our sunny Southwest Florida home is great and in order to expand our services to the areas we need to, the change is necessary.

In the vein of respect, fairness and aligning with the goals we have for our patients, we wanted to announce in advance that the fees for our individual plans and pay-per-visit appointments will be increased starting September 15, 2020.  This fee increase will not impact existing individual plans on a monthly payment plan, only on individual plans and pay-per-visit appointments purchased on or after September 15, 2020.  If you were on the fence about initiating care, the time to call to make that appointment is now!

You might be asking yourself, why now?  The need for the specialized care we offer in our sunny Southwest Florida home is great and in order to expand our services to the areas we need to, the change is necessary.  We are looking forward to opening a new location in Fort Myers to better serve our patients in Lee County.  We have also hired 2 new Webster certified chiropractors.  Dr. Ashley Figueroa-Melendez will be in our North Port office and Dr. Danielle Dietrich will be in our Cape Coral office for now but will be part of our Lee County expansion to serve both Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

We look forward to expanding and growing with and for our wonderful patients.  If you have any concerns, as always please feel free to reach out via phone or email.

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