Avoid this Key Mistake When Googling for Pregnancy Chiropractic

Chiropractic during pregnancy labor and birth


When a website company calls me I have this trick I’ve always done where I ask them to google “Pregnancy chiropractic” or “Prenatal chiropractor,” “baby chiropractor” or “pediatric chiropractor” in Cape Coral or Fort Myers. It’s been my polite “shut yo face” move because Mama’s Chiropractic is usually 8 of the first 10 results. For close to a decade my blogs, website, and Facebook page typically make up most of the first page of results. The reason for that is I produce a ton of content. I always have. The website hosts my blogs, videos, and published research. At my heart, I am more of a teacher than anything. I don’t care about ranking for neck pain or back pain for grown men because it’s not really my focus. Educating about pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic is.

But something was wrong this time

https://icpa4kids.com/training/webster-certification/webster-technique/I had a website company call me while I was on paternity leave and went to use my go-to move while I was on the phone with him. The results came back and I panicked. I wasn’t 8 of the top 10 results anymore because we’d updated our website. There’s a thing that Google does called site indexing, where they look at the backend of a site and figure out what it’s about. This is how search engines come up with good results for us. Well, I discovered as part of the rebuild we hadn’t gotten to the indexing yet, and Mama’s Chiropractic was now barely ranked. I must have 50 blog articles and a dozen papers on pregnancy chiropractic and Webster technique. None of it registered anymore.

Things I’d written about extensively like Webster Certification or the Webster Technique weren’t showing up anymore. It was like we’d dropped off the map.

But what this mess gave me an opportunity to do was see what other website companies have done to chiropractor’s sites. They know that pregnant women want to get adjusted, so they build a page or two that talks about perinatal chiropractic and loads it up with language Google loves. It’s pretty deceiving, actually, for both the patient and the doctor. The whole house of cards collapses the moment a woman walks in with twins or a breech pregnancy and it’s fairly obvious neither of them know what to do.

Search for “Webster” Here

Let me share a tool with you: www.discoverkidshealth.com lists all the local chiropractors trained by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association. You can see who is Webster Certified, who has advanced credentials, and (coming soon) who has taken an advanced pregnancy chiropractic series (I teach one of those classes). Those are the people worth driving to because they have the experience. Slick SEO gimmicks won’t balance a pelvis to help a woman get a better birth. Keyword stacking doesn’t improve your chance at a VBAC. Finding an expert does.

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