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Mobile Family Chiropractic Zone Map from North Port
house call

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Convenience of Mobile Family Chiropractic

Need a House Call During Pregnancy, After Birth, for Baby, or the Whole Family? Webster Certified Dr. Danielle Dietrich now …

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Chiropractic during pregnancy labor and birth

Avoid this Key Mistake When Googling for Pregnancy Chiropractic

Things I’d written about extensively like Webster Certification or the Webster Technique weren’t showing up anymore. It was like we’d dropped off the map.

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postpartum depression impacts 1 in 7 mothers
perinatal chiropractic

New Keys to Screening for Postpartum Depression

Can Chiropractic Care Lessen Your Chance of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety? Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) including postpartum depression, …

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Pelvic pain exercises for pregnancy

The Best Pelvic Pain Exercises for Pregnancy (That Actually Work!)

Many patients try their own version of pelvic pain exercises for pregnancy and get frustrated with their results. How do …

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Should Chiropractors be in the Delivery Room?

I think about my role in birth a lot. I daydream of the day when chiropractors are not only part …

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