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Case Study

Patient Birth Story: Chiropractic Care the Second Time Around

At Mama’s Chiropractic, it’s our goal to change the way mothers birth. By balancing the alignment of the pelvis and …

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The Proactive Pregnancy: Growing Healthy Babies

Whether it’s your first or your fourth child, pregnancy can sometimes seem a little restrictive. No soft cheese, no big …

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Pregnancy & Scoliosis: How Exercise and Adjustments can Improve Labor

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant, and your first question is “Will my scoliosis affect my ability to birth my …

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Dad Mom in Labor and Doula

5 Secret Reasons Dads Don’t Doula

Why are pregnancy chiropractors such big fans of doulas? Why do so many dads feel like they don’t need doulas …

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Heart photos like these are cute, but usually mean breech babies.

Stress And Breech Babies: The Secret Connection

Doctors have noticed a huge spike in breech babies since the pandemic. Is it stress-related, or something as simple as …

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Prep Your Way to a Better Birth

My first birth experience was a failure. What did I do differently for labor support the second time around? I …

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Why Hundreds of Mama’s are Successful at Initiating Breastfeeding

We asked the question: does chiropractic care during pregnancy effect how long it takes for your milk to come in. You may be surprised by what we found.

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Program Terms and Conditions

Your attendance at the Wellness Orientation Workshop (W.O.W) is a pre-requisite requirement to be eligible for our discount programs of …

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Amanda is from Long Island, New York and moved to sunny Florida at age 7. She knew from a young …

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postpartum depression impacts 1 in 7 mothers
perinatal chiropractic

New Keys to Screening for Postpartum Depression

Can Chiropractic Care Lessen Your Chance of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety? Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) including postpartum depression, …

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