Patient Story: Infant Chiropractic for Gassy, Colicky Baby


My husband and I had been seeing a chiropractor for a few years, who we also loved, and were just doing maintenance.

When I found out I was pregnant (at 42yrs), it was a dream come true. I was very interested in the work that Dr. Edwards was doing with Moms and Babies, so I read all about it on Mama’s Chiropractic’s website. My husband and I went in for Doc’s orientation and we were just floored. His knowledge, professionalism and demeanor were second to none and I knew I wanted him caring for me and my baby.

As I progressed through my pregnancy and my chiropractic appointments, I’d sit in the waiting area and hear other Mom’s talking about their children and praising Dr. Edwards. You can learn a lot by sitting and listening, and I was trusting of Doc more and more by every appointment. He also gave me exercises to do at home, to ensure a healthy birth for me and my son.

Toward the end of my pregnancy I ended up getting sick, flu like symptoms, and then severe rib pain from coughing. Doc had me come in for more adjustments to get me through the 2 weeks of being sick, which was a huge help.

When my son was born, as per the Pedi Dr’s he was a healthy baby, which by medical standards, he was. He went in for his first visit at Mama’s Chiropractic at 5 days old. I informed Dr. Edwards that he seemed very healthy and happy for the most part but would not sleep on his back and was having a lot of issues with gas. My husband and I were taking shifts and letting him sleep on his belly on our chests because he would not sleep on his back.

After Doc’s initial exam of my son, I took away two main points:

  1. Because of his position and length of time in the birth canal, my son still had a cone head that was off to one side. This was causing an issue with his palette, hence the sucking air with his latch.
  2. My son had all the reflexes necessary to be able to safely sleep on his side or belly and be comfortable. This one was a bit scary for me at first because of all the fear instilled in us with belly sleeping.

I trusted Doc and he even reassured me with research from professional journal articles. We went home that afternoon and I put my son’s bassinet in the living room so I could watch him and we put him on his side to sleep. Within 5 minutes, he rolled himself onto his belly and slept about 5 hrs. Since then, he has fallen asleep anywhere from 8-10 pm and gets up once around 1-2 am to breastfeed and again about 5-6 am for the same.

He rarely cries, unless he’s over tired, hungry or has a dirty diaper. I was a colicky baby and I have heard some heartbreaking stories from my friends who deal with the same. I truly believe that Doc has done an amazing job caring for my son and that he wouldn’t be as happy and content a baby if it weren’t for him.

The Mama’s Chiropractic office is very warm and inviting. Dr. Edwards has a calming voice and a delicate touch, which is perfect for newborns. All the older children, who I see in the office, are excited to see him, which says a lot as far as any kind of doctor goes. I feel blessed that we found Doc before my pregnancy and the birth of our son.

I highly recommend Dr. Edwards and Mama’s Chiropractic to all my family and friends.

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