Pediatric Chiropractor Tips: 99 Activities to Keep Kids Occupied this Summer


Blog, summer activitiesWe’re in the throes of summer and whether you signed your kids up for summer camps or not, they’re home for the next few months. It can be tough to balance any kind of schedule and come up with ways to keep them active during the hot summer months and away from screens. As a pediatric chiropractor, we see a lot of stressed moms trying to figure out what the best activities are to do with their little ones for the summer. We did the research so you don’t have to – here are 99 activities to do with your kids this summer to keep them having a blast and minimizing their time in front of screens:

Summer Activities

1. Make a collage

2. Sew something with fabric

3. Create a giant paper airplane

4. Play dress up

5. Do a random act of kindness for a family member

6. Turn on music and have a dance party

7. Stack cups and knock them down

9. Tell or write a story

10. Make sock puppets

11. Write a poem

12. Have a sleepover with your friends or family

13. Record a video

14. Play farm

15. Paint with sponges

16. Build a structure with playing cards

17. Use craft supplies to create animals

18. Draw a picture of a person and give it to them

19. Cut out paper snowflakes

20. Play school

21. Put on a puppet show

22. Play zoo

23. Make something with pipe cleaners

24. Make bookmarks and hide them in library books

25. Play 20 questions

26. Create something from a large box

27. Design your own board game and play it

28. Build with blocks

29. Create an art gallery featuring your artwork

30. Read a book 

31. Read a magazine

32. Create a secret code

33. Play with Legos

34. Make popsicles

35. Cook a meal

36. Leave friendly notes or gifts in neighbor’s mailboxes

37. Do a blind taste test of different foods or drinks

38. Solve a crossword puzzle

39. Make an eruption with baking soda and vinegar

40. Create and bury a time capsule

41. Paint rocks and hide them around town

42. Put a puzzle together

43. Make shadow puppets

44. Line up dominos and watch them fall

45. Play with shaving cream and food coloring

46. Create a sculpture from recycled materials

47. Play string games (Cats in the Cradle)

48. Build a fort with couch cushions

49. Create a design with popsicle sticks and glue

50. Bake Brownies

51. Make nice cream with frozen bananas

52. Make play dough sculptures

53. Make slime

54. Make a necklace out of beads or pasta

55. Write down your dreams in a journal first thing in the morning

56. Choreograph a dance

57. Plan and perform a play

58. Play a card game

59. Play a board game

60. Have paper airplane races

61. Create an indoor obstacle course

62. Plan an indoor scavenger hunt

63. Write letters to family or friends

64. Design cards for your friends

65. Make your own play dough

66. Build a mini-fort for your dolls or superheroes with sticks

67. Start a garden

68. Have an outdoor (or indoor) picnic

69. Go for a walk or hike

70. Have fun geocaching

71. Gather frogs, lizards, butterflies or other bugs (and then set them free)

72. Try to identify bird songs

73. Have a water balloon fight (with eco-friendly balloons)

74. Go camping

75. Go fishing

76. Set up sprinklers and a slip and slide

77. Climb a tree

78. Play an outdoor sport

79. Ride bikes

80. Kayak or Canoe

81. Hide and seek

82. Berry picking

83. Visit a park

84. Chalk art 

85. Finger painting or watercolors

86. Create jewelry with beads

87. Make your own friendship bracelets

88. Learn to sew

89. Learn photography

90. Make a Clay Sculpture

91. Make something cool out of a stack of Amazon boxes

92. Make things from the recycling

93. Draw things you see outside.

94. Play with bubbles

95. Play capture the flag

96. Play red light / green light

97. Play hopscotch

98. Play Freeze Tag

99. Play Charades

While it’s possible not all of these activities are accessible for you and your little ones, we think that this list is a great foundation to get you started with ideas to keep your little ones active and having fun over the next few months of summer. 

Don’t forget to keep your kids in alignment after all these fun activities by taking them to your pediatric chiropractor! 

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