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Toddler playing with sensory toys
occupational therapy

10 Best Parent-Approved Sensory Toys for Sensory Seekers (That Aren’t Regular Toys)

Which sensory toys are worth buying, and who needs them? Do you have the kind of kid who would rather …

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Baby Sitting Properly With Support
Developmental Milestones

Is Your Baby Sitting Properly?

As adults, we take the simple act of sitting for granted. But for a baby sitting properly requires a lot …

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Why Hundreds of Mama’s are Successful at Initiating Breastfeeding

We asked the question: does chiropractic care during pregnancy effect how long it takes for your milk to come in. You may be surprised by what we found.

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Why more than 80% of woman are breastfeeding.

In my previous blog post, I went over postpartum supplements to take while breastfeeding and the benefits of each of …

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The Best Explainer on Food Sensitivity Testing

We’ve offered Food Sensitivity Testing for years. If you have questions, we made this video for you!

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Case Study

Why can an 11 year old not poop?

An 11 year old recently came into the office with her Mom. In this little girl’s life, she has not …

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