Tips for Eliminating Reflux in Infants


A large portion of the infant patients that I adjust come to me because of reflux, colic or suspected food sensitivities. These moms have either tried every natural remedy they can think of or have trusted their pediatrician, who has diagnosed their little one with reflux and prescribed them Zantac to fix the symptom. When you’re a family that embraces proactive health, giving your children prescription medication can be a tough pill to swallow. Rather than turning to medicine for your child at such a young age to suppress the symptoms, check out these tips for eliminating some of the most common sources of reflux in infants.

Change her diaper differently

Parents have been changing diapers the same way for many, many years. But what if I told you that the way that you’re changing your little one’s diaper could be impacting her digestion? Newborn’s spines are curved differently than ours and until they are able to sit up on their own and crawl, bringing the pelvis up into flexion can cause a subluxation that can impact the nerves that lead to the intestines. I see and correct this issue almost daily in my infant patients.

The subluxation can cause issues with digestion, fussiness, colic and even reflux. How should you be changing your newborn’s diaper? Check out this video.

Check your supply

Oversupply and overactive letdown are two common issues that can lead to “reflux” and spitting up. If you’re experiencing either of these issues, there are some excellent articles and resources that you should check out. This article from gives good advice on how to deal with overactive letdown and oversupply. Here are common symptoms that can help identify the issue:

  • Gassy baby that tends to spit up often
  • Gag, choke, strangle, gulp, gasp or cough when nursing as though milk is coming out too fast
  • Pull off the breast often while nursing
  • Clamp down on the nipple when nursing upon let down to slow the milk flow
  • Make a clicking noise when nursing
  • Refusal to nurse
  • Dislike comfort nursing in general

The article recommends different holds and things you can do to help regulate your supply.

Have her checked for food sensitivities

Another common cause or reflux is a hidden food sensitivity. Food sensitivities are not like food allergies, where the child  experiences anaphylaxis. The sensitivity might surface in the form of reflux, eczema, rashes, hives or general unhappiness and “colic”. Many suggest cutting dairy, but there are often other food sensitivities that are difficult to pin point with an elimination diet. Check out our blog on food sensitivity testing to determine if it is right for your baby.

It’s hard enough troubleshooting the needs of a tiny human that can’t speak. Trying to sort out reflux, fussiness and spit up issues can be complicated. These tips should help you gain a little bit of insight into the mysteries of your infant’s digestion and help you better identify what may be happening inside her body.

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