Why can an 11 year old not poop?


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An 11 year old recently came into the office with her Mom. In this little girl’s life, she has not been able to poop without taking medications or having lots of pain!

Mom & Dad had every medical test run. Have seen countless specialists and no one could bring about a change. Surgery was looking to be the next option.

Mom had a family member who kept mentioning Mama’s Chiropractic. Mom had tried everything else and as a last resort, brought her daughter through our doors.

After a consultation and thorough exam, this little girl was given a gentle & specific adjustment. She felt better before even getting off the table. The family were sent home with a follow up in 5 days.

Five days later, this girl happily walked in and announced that she had pooped EVERY day, MULTIPLE times a day since and did so with no medication!!! Her Mom was over the moon, but skeptical as she had tried so many other expensive and time consuming things, and nothing produced this change!

We rechecked the girl’s spine and found another specific adjustment was needed. This was given and told to come back in 4 days to recheck.

Guess what? She had gone another 4 days with pooping multiple times a day, with NO medication! Her mom was nearly in tears of joy!

They have now gone on vacation, but not before receiving a Food Sensitivity Test to see what foods she should stay away from so as to not aggravate her body so her gut can continue to heal.

Does this sound like someone you know? Maybe chiropractic can be the answer for them, too!

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