Why more than 80% of woman are breastfeeding.


In my previous blog post, I went over postpartum supplements to take while breastfeeding and the benefits of each of those supplements.

Now onto some reasons why over 80% of women are breastfeeding their babies.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding, here are some of those benefits:

  • Breastfeeding prevents autoimmunity – research has shown being breastfed is associated with a lower incidence of diabetes, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, and asthma.
  • Breastfeeding builds a stronger immune system and may even help prevent development of disease later in life.
  • Breastfeeding boosts the brain – this study showed it improved cognitive development and this one showed those breastfed for 6+ months had better test results in school

And anyone with any history of gestational diabetes and tendency toward high blood sugar, breastfeeding decreases the risk of diabetes in mom AND baby and especially helps prevent Type 2 diabetes for moms who had gestational diabetes.

That doesn’t cover even a fraction of all the health benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby… not to mention the emotional and mental benefits.

While I understand that breastfeeding isn’t possible for all new moms, I highly recommend doing everything possible to keep breastfeeding going… and if you’re struggling with low supply, keep an eye out for my next blog post for some of the solutions that work!

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