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Baby Sitting Properly With Support
Developmental Milestones

Is Your Baby Sitting Properly?

As adults, we take the simple act of sitting for granted. But for a baby sitting properly requires a lot …

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Smiling mother and baby after c-section

How chiropractic adjustments improve c-section success

To tell the total truth, some of my biggest advocates are mothers who had repeat cesareans.

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Dad Mom in Labor and Doula

5 Secret Reasons Dads Don’t Doula

Why are pregnancy chiropractors such big fans of doulas? Why do so many dads feel like they don’t need doulas …

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Heart photos like these are cute, but usually mean breech babies.

Stress And Breech Babies: The Secret Connection

Doctors have noticed a huge spike in breech babies since the pandemic. Is it stress-related, or something as simple as …

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Chiropractic during pregnancy labor and birth

Avoid this Key Mistake When Googling for Pregnancy Chiropractic

Things I’d written about extensively like Webster Certification or the Webster Technique weren’t showing up anymore. It was like we’d dropped off the map.

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Breastfeeding Master Class

Breastfeeding moms of newborns can’t miss this. Which lactation supplements work? Which can backfire? What’s the most commonly missed problem …

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Prep Your Way to a Better Birth

My first birth experience was a failure. What did I do differently for labor support the second time around? I …

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Why Hundreds of Mama’s are Successful at Initiating Breastfeeding

We asked the question: does chiropractic care during pregnancy effect how long it takes for your milk to come in. You may be surprised by what we found.

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The Best Explainer on Food Sensitivity Testing

We’ve offered Food Sensitivity Testing for years. If you have questions, we made this video for you!

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Dr. Ashley Figueroa-Melendez

Ashley is from Corozal, Puerto Rico. Growing up she wanted to be a lawyer up until age 17 and she …

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