5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Convenience of Mobile Family Chiropractic

Mobile Family Chiropractic Zone Map from North Port


Need a House Call During Pregnancy, After Birth, for Baby, or the Whole Family?

Exclusive to our North Port location, Webster Certified Dr. Ashley Figueroa-Melendez now provides mobile family chiropractic care as a house call service.

Frankly, most people who have a chiropractor would love if they had someone to call if they threw their back out. But what if your baby wasn’t sleeping through the night? What if your pelvis felt like it was falling apart at 28 weeks? You wouldn’t just call anyone. You’d want a team who had a special focus on helping families like yours.

Think about it. Imagine you’ve just had the perfect birth and were enjoying your baby moon. Don’t you deserve to nest in with your newborn in the comfort of your own home?  What if things aren’t going well in your pregnancy, and you’re either stuck on bedrest or worried that the drive to get adjusted is just going to put your hips back out? Or, maybe even worse, how many moms out there have been scared for their sanity after a 30 minute ride with a colicky baby?

We’re excited to provide house calls with our new mobile service because we’ve seen how a simple adjustment can be a game-changer. We’re confident that once you let us check and adjust one member of the family, you’re going to want everyone seen!

Mama’s Chiropractic has been the leader providing family chiropractic services to Southwest Florida since 2012. We’ve built our reputation on a combination of clinical expertise, professional collaboration, and excellent customer service. Our patients have traveled from the smaller communities around Sarasota, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral that didn’t have access to family chiropractic.

Our Travel Fee is a flat rate based on the drive time from the North Port Office to your home.  Simply find your house on the map, and you’ll know exactly which zone your service is in.

Zone 1 communities include North Port, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Venice, and Englewood.

Zone 2 communities include Sarasota, Arcadia, North Fort Myers, and North Cape Coral.

Zone 3 communities include Bradenton, Sarasota, Babcock Ranch, Alva, Buckingham, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Estero.

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Look up your drive time from our North Port office on Google Maps.

Whether you’re in search of regular wellness care or your midwife simply wants you to get prepared for your homebirth, we have a plan for you.

Special! Buy a Family Chiropractic Package and We’ll Waive the Travel Fee!

New Clients | First Visit

Consultation and Examination + Adjustment



First Family Member

Additional Family Members

Adjustment Visit Package (5 visits) First Family Member

Adjustment Visit Package (5 visits) Each Additional Family Member





1 Mobile adjustments are not included in the Mama’s Chiropractic Membership Programs. Our Family Membership programs at the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and North Port locations provide the best value for family chiropractic in the area.

Mobile Membership


2 Family Members

Each Additional Family Member




*Includes up to 4 adjustments per month

Travel Fees

Zone 1 (Within 30 minutes)

Zone 2 (30-45 minutes)

Zone 3 (45-60 minutes)

Out of Zone




Call for Pricing

We calculate an hourly rate for chiropractic services during our patients’ labors and births. If this fits with your birth plan, please discuss this with the chiropractor and your birth provider in advance.

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